State Provides Tools to Help Veterans Become Licensed Professionals

With Monday being Veterans Days, the Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs has announced the launch of a comprehensive new online tool to help explain the specific licensing resources being provided to members of the armed forces. The department is committed to helping those who serve our country enter a licensed profession.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says, “We must do everything we can to help connect our talented military and veterans to a professional career here in Michigan,” and adds, “This resource will help fast-track these brave men and women into our workforce.”

Orlene Hawks, Director of the team at LARA says, “Our department is strongly committed to reducing licensing barriers for veterans,” noting, “We recognize the experience and value of having active and former military members work as licensed professionals in Michigan. I encourage them to explore this online resource and consider one of the many licensed professions under LARA’s responsibility.”

The department administers several acts — including the Michigan Occupational Code, Michigan Public Health Code and Skilled Trades Regulation Act — that provide specific licensing provisions for members of the armed forces and their families. The new interactive website, which you can click through to below, contains informational pages on more than 80 unique professions and directs users to the department’s wide-range of resources on how to become licensed in each profession. Here’s the link:

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Zaneta Adams, Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency says, “Our vision at the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is for Michigan to be the ideal place for veterans to work, raise a family, and retire. This website provides a tremendous benefit for our veterans and their families.” Adams adds, “We look forward to continuing our close partnership with LARA to support the nearly 600,000 veterans that call our state home.”

Examples of the specific licensing resources available to Michigan veterans, active military, and their families include:

  • The ability to utilize military experience towards licensure…
  • An exemption for renewal fees and continuing education requirements while on active duty…
  • Temporary licenses for active duty military personnel’s spouses…
  • Granting a waiver for the initial license or initial registration fee for veterans…
  • Providing a reimbursement from Federal Department of Veterans Affairs for required and paid for examination fees…

Licensing & Regulatory Affairs has partnered with Michigan veterans, armed forces, and workforce organizations to enhance its educational outreach to members of the armed forces. The department is also working closely with its partners to identify possible statutory changes that would expand certain military experience provisions to additional professions and solve other barriers to licensure for military and veteran personnel.

For more information on professional licenses, you can visit these individual sections of the above website for a broad range of options in these major categories:

  • Occupational Professions
  • Health Professions
  • Skilled Trades Professions