Stevensville seeking grant applications from businesses


Businesses in Stevensville are being told of a new grant opportunity available through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Redevelopment Ready Communities program.

Stevensville Village Manager Kacey Dominguez tells us Stevensville recently qualified for the program, opening up chances for the village to assist businesses. This grant is the first opportunity.

“It’s called Match on Main, a reimbursement grant program through the MEDC that could provide up to two village businesses up to $25,000 for eligible business activities,” Dominguez said. “Those could range from technical support for building or site plans, it could help with purchasing new inventory for a business, marketing, purchasing technology, activating an indoor or outdoor space.”

Dominguez says she just put out word this week of the grants, which will be up to $25,000 for two businesses. Already, she’s received several inquiries from interested businesses.

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She’ll meet with those who apply to hear about their plans, and then the village council will consider which two proposals will be submitted to the state. They’ll make that decision by February 23.

Any interested business owner should contact Stevensville Village Hall.