Sunset Coast Provisions in Cassopolis Can Help Educate You on the Differences Between CBD vs. THC


If you are a newcomer to the world of cannabis, you may have questions as to why certain products can be purchased anywhere from retail shops to gas stations, while others require a trip to your local provisioning center. The answer to this can be found by looking at the two major components found in every cannabis plant: CBD & THC.


CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis plants that does not produce psychoactive side effects. Although you will not feel the same euphoric sensation, there are many benefits associated with CBD. Studies have shown a multitude of positives including pain reduction, decreasing anxiety and assistance with insomnia to name a few. In addition, CBD counters the effects of THC, allowing for a balance between the two, and has been deemed safe for animals.

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Unlike its counterpart, CBD is federally legalized which allows any company to sell products containing it. You will notice that some CBD products are full spectrum and contain a small amount of THC. How small? According to law, 0.3% or less to be sold over the counter. Do not fret, this minimal amount is negligible and will not show on a drug test or have any kind of a “high” effect.


The fun cousin to CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound that creates the euphoric effect many associate with cannabis. There are many similarities between the two components, but the major benefit of choosing a THC product is an increase in pain relief, sedation properties and appetite stimulation. Although many choose to use cannabis for recreational purposes, there are many studies showing the medical benefits of incorporating THC into a daily regimen.

Unlike CBD, THC is not federally legal at this time although many states have implemented programs allowing for medical, recreational use or both. To purchase products that contain THC in these states, including Michigan, you must be 21 years of age or a medicinal card holder, and visit a state licensed provisioning center.

Which is Right for You?

Which one you should utilize is completely up to you, and different for each person. Many people have jobs that prohibit them from using THC products, and others do not care for the effects that it produces. The important thing is to ask your local budtender any questions you may have. By understanding the dosage that you should use, and the type of product that will best fit your need, you can find the best fit for you! Remember, cannabis is not “one size fits all”.  Ask an experienced BudTender at Sunset Coast Provisions in Cassopolis, and you’ll receive seasoned guidance and more information about what products may be right for you!

Sunset Coast Provisions does not make or offer medical claims for their products.

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