TJ’s Baroda Tap opens its doors today

TJs Baroda

TJ’s Baroda Tap is officially open for business Tuesday.

After a huge private preview night Monday TJ’s owners Joe Matthews and Greg Borr pronounced everything ‘ready for prime time.’  So, the much-anticipated casual bar and restaurant will open today to the general public.

TJ’s Baroda Tap has been taking shape over the past two months in the former ‘Rose and Crown’ space in Baroda, previously the home to ‘Baroda Tap & Grille’ and ‘Bill’s Tap’ for decades prior to the short-lived English pub concept last year.

The 15-year owners of TJ’s Sports Bar and Grill at M-140 & Territorial Road decided to duplicate much of their winning Watervliet formula in Baroda.  And if the preview night is any indication, they’ve succeeded (in the opinion of

The bar and dining room were full Monday night and the apparently well-trained staff were looking and acgting like they had been working together for years.  Service was quick, efficient and courteous.  The Bell’s Oberon was perfectly chilled and served with an orange slice!  And the Classic Smashburger—a featured menu item—was outstanding.  Nearby, a Philly Steak Sandwich looked amazing, with a lovely layer of melted cheese over juicy sliced beef.  A couple of other diners were heard to exclaim about the Yellow Perch Basket.

TJ’s Baroda menu is quite similar to the Watervliet location, with appetizers, sandwiches, baskets and a few dinner features.  There are a dozen beers on draft with more planned soon.   There is a fresh new contemporary feel to the bar and dining room, but with the spacious horseshoe bar from ‘The Tap’ still in place and welcoming customers.  A wall that once separated the bar and dining areas is gone, giving the fairly small space a more modern open vibe.  Several big screens provide live sports for those who care, but the layout does not scream ‘sports bar’.

At first glance, TJ’s Baroda Tap would appear to be a fine addition to Southwest Michigan’s excellent lineup of casual dining spots, and well worth a drive to Baroda!

For more on the background of the new TJ’s Baroda Tap, look back at our April story, detailing their plans:

                    By Gayle Olson, MOTM Contributor


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