Water Recovery/Dive Teams Schedule SJ River Exercise

If your travels take you along the downtown riverfront area of Niles anytime yet today or tomorrow, don’t be startled if you see a number of emergency divers in action. It’s a dive team exercise. The exercise itself takes place tomorrow, Thursday, the 10th, but authorities say there could be some staging and preparation going into place this afternoon.

What you will be seeing, should you happen to be in the vicinity, is a joint “live” regional Dive Team Exercise in the St. Joseph River, conducted by Michigan’s Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of Region 5.

The exercise will be centered in the downtown riverfront area of Niles, with multiple agencies and organizations conducting operations in that area for most of the day tomorrow.

The full-scale exercise will involve personnel from several Water Recovery/Dive Teams as well as numerous law enforcement, emergency management, and other supporting agencies, including the United States Coast Guard.

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There will be dive team exercise activity in and around the river from the Marmont Street boat launch to the south Riverfront Park boat launch. Additionally support activity will be conducted at Riverfront Park near Ferry Street and at Spectrum Health Lakeland Niles Hospital.

There may also be limited exercise related activity taking place at those locations this afternoon, Wednesday, September 9th as personnel prepare and set up for the exercise.

Authorities are apologizing in advance for any inconvenience training may cause, and have issued a thanks to the public for continued support.