Whirlpool CEO Pens Letter Reflecting on Recent Events

Whirlpool Chairman & CEO Marc Bitzer recently shared with his global employee contingent his thoughts about recent events, saying, “We must strengthen our resolve that prejudice of any kind has no place within the culture of Whirlpool.” Many of the employees were so moved by his words that they asked the company to share the letter with the entire community here in Michigan’s Great Southwest.

Company officials say that Bitzer’s message “reflects the values, specifically inclusion and diversity, that are at the heart of our company. He stated that we must come together as a nation with a clear message; racial injustice of any kind cannot be tolerated.”

A statement from Whirlpool accompanying the copy of his letter adds, “At Whirlpool Corporation, this involves a true desire to listen and learn from those who have borne the brunt of such racial inequities. Our company and its employees also take pride in partnering with community organizations that help promote equality for all people. Only by understanding how the healing can begin will any initiatives to be undertaken be successful.”

To see Mr. Bitzer’s actual letter, simply click this link: Marc-Bitzer-Letter-to-Colleagues

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