Filling Out the Week With Another Snow Day: Schools Begin Closing for Friday 2/1

Every child's dream comes true one more time this week, as schools have once again begun to announce the decision to close for the day on Friday, February 1st, 2019. St. Joseph Public Schools authorities met with police agencies, the Berrien County Road Department and other authorities in electing to wrap the week with one more shutdown thanks to the extreme weather that has hit the region thanks to the Polar Vortex from the northern reaches of Canada.

The latest updates on closing can be found regularly under the tab at the top of the page here on Moody on the Market, or by simply clicking this link.

Be sure to take note of which day you are looking at, as Thursdays listings are still in place until midnight tonight and then Friday's will take center stage. To see Friday's closing decisions, you will need to scroll down through all of today's closures to get to the Friday list. Also, if you leave your browser open on that page, anytime you want an update, remember to refresh your browser so that the new listings pop into place. Here's the link:

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