Michigan Launches Door-to-Door Phase of 2020 Census Tuesday

In support of the full court press for Michigan to “Be Counted,” the U.S. Census Bureau is launching a statewide door-to-door effort beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11th, and they assure the general public that census takers are fully cognizant of safety rules surrounding the pandemic.

The door-to-door part of the 2020 Census campaign got a preliminary start in a very limited area last Thursday in the Greater Lansing area and in Oakland County, but the full court press from one end of the state to the other officially steps off tomorrow morning.

Now, census workers will conduct the door-to-door push throughout the rest of the state beginning tomorrow as part of the “Be Counted” campaign’s aim to ensure every Michigander is counted in the 2020 Census.

All census takers are required to complete a COVID-19 safety course, maintain a social distance outdoors during census interviews, and wear masks to protect the health and safety of all Michigan residents. Census takers will only visit homes of those who have not completed the census by mail, phone or online. All three options will still be available once door-to-door census taking begins. The door-to-door outreach effort comes with a heightened sense of urgency after the Trump Administration announced last week that Census operations will end one month early on September 30th. That includes online, in-person and phone responses, which previously were set to end on October 31st. You can click either of the links below for more information on what to expect if you are visited by a census taker:

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The 2020 Census includes just nine questions, including name, age, gender, ethnicity, race, number of people in the household, anyone else staying in the house on April 1, 2020, if you own or rent your home and your phone number.

Filling out the 2020 Census is more convenient than ever, and can be completed by mail, phone and – for the first time – online. All information shared on the census is 100-percent confidential and helps determine federal funding for health care, education, senior programs and other services that the residents of Michigand rely on every  single day. An accurate census count also determines how many seats the state of Michigan will have in the United States Congress.