Better Business Bureau Warns NCAA Tournament Prime Target for Ticket Scammers

You just want to go see your Spartans or Wolverines play at the Big Dance, but some people out there are all too ready to help you spend your money and give you nothing in return but a bunch of grief and another experience in the world of scam artists.

For Big 10 Basketball fans planning to head to Des Moines to watch their teams play in the NCAA tournament this week, the Better Business Bureau has a timely warning — Scammers are looking to cash in on the big event, perhaps at your expense.

Phil Catlett is President of the Better Business Bureau serving Western Michigan from his Grand Rapids office. He contends, “Large sporting events like the NCAA tournament are a prime target for ticket scammers.” He warns us all, “Fans really need to use caution when they purchase tickets, because scammers are getting better and better at making fake tickets. Often you don’t realize you have been cheated until you get to the gate.”

The internet has made it easy to buy tickets to sporting events, concerts and shows. But it has also made it easier for ticket scammers to fool unsuspecting fans into buying fake tickets. The BBB is warning consumers to be smart about where they get their tickets for their March Madness games.

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Catlett cautions: “The safest way to get tickets is to go through the NCAA’s official ticket exchange,”  and adds, “By going to the source you are assured the tickets you buy are legitimate and you will have a seat at tip-off.”

If you are going to buy tickets from someplace other than the NCAA Ticket Exchange, the BBB has the following advice:

  • Use a trusted website or vendor: Do your research. Make sure the ticket broker you are using is legitimate and has a good track record…
  • Use a credit card: Using a credit card will give you some recourse if the tickets you buy turn out to be fake…
  • Beware of big discounts: Tickets to NCAA tournament games can be expensive. While everyone likes a great deal, large discounts may be a sign that the ticket is not as advertised…

For more BBB advice on ticket buying for large events click the link below: