Ashlie Guyberson


Ashlie Guyberson


Indiana Michigan Power – Cook Nuclear Plant

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What Does Your Company/Organization Do?

Electricity Generation




  • President, Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice-Chair, North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN)
  • Secretary, I&M Political Action Committee
  • Big Sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Board Member, Heart of Cook Grant Committee
  • Volunteer, Junior Achievement
  • Business Owner, I empower women through my photography.
  • Former coach and running buddy, Girls on the Run

What else do you hope to accomplish by the age of 40?

By the time I turn 40 I hope to advocate for the nuclear power industry to ensure we have safe, reliable electricity that is clean that supports our local economy for years to come.

I also hope to grow my movement to empower women through the art of boudoir photography helping them to be more assertive and confident allowing them to improve their interactions and overall quality of life in their day-to-day lives. Since January I’ve empowered nearly 20 women!


Bachelors in Business Administration, Ferris State University

Associates in Business Administration, Lake Michigan College


South Bend, IN

Where were you born?

Fort Irwin, California

What was your first job?

Cashier at Burger King

Best advice you ever got?

Don’t let fear hold you back. The worst that can happen is you fail. Then you regroup, adjust your path and try again. Never stop trying!

Who inspires you most?

The women I work with. Their stories are powerful and incredibly inspiring.

That one thing about you we’d be most surprised to learn.

The job I currently have was my dream job 13 years ago when I started working at the Cook Nuclear plant. It took me 11 years to get here and many, many opportunities to gain the experience necessary to get the skills needed for this position. Keeping my eye on the prize, I never turned down a job opportunity with the hope that one day it would lead me to a job in the Communications Department!

What do you love to do in your downtime?

I enjoy photography and travel. There is nothing more fulfilling and educating than seeing new places and experiencing life from a different perspective. My photography is a passion that helps me show others how I experience life.

What book are you reading now?

The Third Door by Alex Banayan

Volunteer activity you love the most.

Mentoring young kids, particularly young women!

What motivates you to give back to your community?

Time is the only thing we can give that cannot be replenished. Giving our time is the ultimate sacrifice that is more valuable than any monetary gift ever could be. For me, giving my time allows me to share my experience and knowledge with others which increases the overall value in our community. Mentoring kids, teaching the community about nuclear energy, empowering women, supporting local business, these are all things that create a community that is strong and sustainable. Giving back is my way of sharing the experiences and opportunities I’ve been fortunate to accept in my life to increase the overall value and experience of everyone in our community!

What Superpower would you most love to have?

Teleporting. I spend a lot of time commuting and life would be so much simpler, and I would be a lot more efficient, if I could get places quicker!

What does this honor most mean to you?

Being recognized as a young professional of influence in the community I grew up in, and now work in, is a huge honor. Knowing my contributions have made an impact, even on a small scale, fills me with pride and makes me appreciate everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with along the way. I appreciate this opportunity and hope I can continue to make my community proud.